Writing Mathematics on an iPad

For the PC the simplest tools to write mathematics are probably the word processors with equation editors. Much better results can be achieved with LyX or Pandoc with some loss of simplicity.

PC word processors with equation editors

Slightly harder to use - but better results...

other options that are relatively simple, but sacrifice simplicity for a significant increase in quality


LyX is a LaTeX document processor that combines word processor simplicity with high quality LaTeX layout.(Windows, Mac, Linux) "LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG)." - lyx.org

Pandoc (Windows, Mac, Linux) lets you embed LaTeX math in simple wiki-style markup to generate high quality results in PDF, HTML and many other document formats.

Best results

For PC

the best results are probably the LaTeX and TeX editors in that you get professional-grade layout, and style sheets for many journals. I have included those I am aware of for the major platforms.

For the iPad

the best results will come from the LaTeX and TeX editors. (Listed below)

NB Emacs org-mode will render LaTeX math

- but this might be more suitable for note-taking or document planning, rather than production of a final document.

LaTeX editors readily available for the PC.

_for Windows users_

  1. - [TeXWorks][4] (in the [MikTeX][5] or [TeXLive][6] TeX distributions)
  2. - [TeXnicCenter][7] LaTeX IDE (using either the [MikTeX][8] or [TeXLive][9] TeX distributions)
  3. - [Texmaker][10]
  4. - [GNU TeXmacs][11]

_for Mac users_

  1. - [TeXshop][12] (in the [MacTex][13] TeX distribution)
  2. - [TeXpad][14] (NB also versions for iPad & iPhone)
  3. - [TeXWorks][15] (in the [TeXLive][16] TeX distribution)
  4. - [Texmaker][17]
  5. - [GNU TeXmacs][18]

_for Linux users_

  1. - [TeXWorks][19] (in the [TeXLive][20] TeX distribution)
  2. - [Texmaker][21]
  3. GNU TeXmacs

LaTeX editors for iPad

_(La)TeX editor apps_

  • TeXPad has mathematics edit/keyboard features AND cloud and device compilation
  • TeX Writer mathematics edit/keyboard features.
  • VerbTeX has and an extended mathematics keyboard AND cloud and device compilation

Web applications

(La)TeX Editors

These work both on iPad and on PC in any OS as long as a modern browser is available.

StackEdit.io [https://stackedit.io]

Stackedit.io deservers a special mention as it allows you to create documents with markdown markup, but supports Mathematics via MathJax to provide LaTeX mathematics notation.

[MathJax is a javascript library that can render mathematics from LaTeX, MathML or AsciiMath notation.]

Word Processors

Other (non-editor) tools for writing mathematics

  • MathPad mathematics handwriting recognition (very cool) and LaTeX export.
  • Detexify TeX symbol handwriting recognition (one symbol at a time)
  • MathBot TeX equation editor
  • MathMagic Lite for iOS equation editor

(If you know of others, please let me know)

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